Part Intelligent, Part Passion and Part Engineering... Moving to excel where other systems fall short. Your Home... for example!

Sanen Engineers have achieved a break through that's nothing short of genius with the combination of cutting edge technologies and advanced design
principles, the long standing problems of room dynamics can be effectively neutralized.

For our Sanen Speakers series your room large or small, is an ideal environment for superb reproduction of movies and music with musical accuracy in the toughest venue of all your home...

Sanen Acoustics , pioneer in the world of audio , video has been catering the needs of the music lovers for more than 14 years. Besides having latest technology, it has team of well trained engineers and technicians to cope up with customer queries.

Our Motto:

Over the years our motto is not only to focus on "Customer Satisfaction" but also to give "Maximum Value For Money".

Our Specialised R & D Team:

Our Company has one of the best infrastructures for manufacturing the best range of Audiophile Speakers, Professional Audio System, Hi End Digital Theatre Application Speaker Component. Since manufacturing scratch to finish we keep in mind, the touch and taste of music lovers. We have special R & D team who are working in enhancement of the product as well as in developing new models to cope up with innovations worldwide.

Our product section can be classified into product range, product availability & product quality.

a) Product Range :

Our aim always has been to produce diversified products to meet the needs and tastes of all sorts of consumer. Our goal has never been, a particular class of people but people in general. We manufacture complete range in the name audio such as audiophile speakers , home theatres and designers components for multiplex movie theatres and customized OEM type specific designs.

b) Product Availability:
We have our factory outlet in Cleanest Environmental Place in Mumbai to cater the needs of the domestic customers and to serve the needs of the non- domestic customers, we have our dealers appointed at various regions. Our next real goal is to make the products available to the remotest area. Currently our products are conveniently available at some of the few lists of places viz. Mumbai, North & South Goa, Raipur, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai. We are rapidly expanding our Product ranges and extending services to all parts of India.

c) Product Quality
Besides controlling the cost of the output, our real focus is on maintaining high level of standard for the product. We are very much equipped with the latest machinery to maintain a steady level of production and above all we have skilled technicians and trained work force to produce good quality product. Our major contribution to the quality is due to our latest German test equipments and test programmes which helps in detecting the quality of the product and also helps to maintain the standards. Since our products are specially
handcrafted and goes through personal quality control check programmes, so we define our speakers as an authentic art work and piece of jewellery to fit into every Indian home environment and peoples heart.